We offer 2 options for renting a camp site both options the camper can remain on the lot for entire year.


Option 1.  Seasonal camping this includes all the weekends we are open extra days on the holidays and 10 vacation days to use as you please. This rate is for people who would not camp as much during the week so it is cheaper. Visitor fees are charged for guest (5 and under are free). When working on a deck, shed, camper or mowing this never counts as a vacation day routine maintenance is expected.


Option 2. Permanent camping this rate is more and includes all the days of our season, many choose to live in the campground for the season or want to be out more than just weekends. Daily Visitors are included with this option, but overnight guest must pay visitor fees.                                                                                                                 Holidays all guest must stop register and pay visitor fees (5 and under are free). 


With both options a deposit in the fall holds your lot for the next season the balance can be paid in payments through the winter and is due May 7 each year. 

Each camp site has an electric meter which is calculated the 1st of each month, the bill can be picked up and paid at our store by the 21st of each month.

The grass mowing is your responsibility for your lot, some kids mow for a fee.