Park Rules


Visitors: All visitors must stop at store and register.

Daily visitors $4.00 per person $5.00 per person for overnight guest.

Children 5 and under are free!!!

Common Courtesy: Please no foul language and never cut through sites use the roads you will have happy neighbors.

Pets: Please limit your pets, 2 are permitted. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and never left unattended.

Limit their barking, all feces(poop) must be picked up immediately and disposed. Pet owners are liable for their pet’s actions.

Garbage: must be bagged and placed in the dumpsters up front during your stay and when you leave. Large items such as refrigerators, lawn chairs, grills, tires, etc. are not allowed. Dispose of these items at home!!

Trees: No cutting allowed on trees in the park or adjacent woods. Never nail or attach things to trees.

Firearms: Never permitted in the campground at anytime.

Fireworks: including sparklers are never permitted.

Mini bikes mopeds ATV’s never permitted.

Quiet Hours: from 11:00pm until 8:00am please keep radios, TV’s and group conversations and laughter to a minimum during this time.

Children: under age 18 must be on their campsite by 11:00pm or with an adult. Never leave the park with a minor by themselves.

Picnic Tables and fire rings: each site has one table and fire ring. Never move fire rings. Never cover picnic tables with staple on fabric.

Campfires: No fires except in fire rings, never leave your site with a blazing fire. Make sure your fire is out before bed time.

Never burn plastic, cans and bottles.

Firewood: must be stacked 8 inches off the ground near the back of your lot.

Washing Cars: Prohibited (conserve water).

Washing campers: permanent and seasonal campers can be washed Monday thru Thursday if not a holiday.

Sheds: must be approved before placing on lot, plastic sheds only...(8’x10’) max allowed. One shed per site.



Park Rules


Bicycles: No riding after dark, they must be operated in a safe manner. Never follow close to cars and golf carts.

Swimming Pool: Rules are posted at the pool and must be obeyed. No life guard on duty, always stay at pool apron with young children. The pool is closed on Mondays for routine maintenance. No glass at pool.

Persons swim at their own risk. Country Campground LLC will not be responsible for injury or death. Never swim alone!! 

Fishing Pond: No swimming, catch and release.

Danger deep water, accompany children always.

Trailer Tongues: must face the road when positioned on any site, this is a safety precaution and a county rule.

Electric heaters and blankets: prohibited at all transient sites, one set of patio lights.

Vehicles: two per site are allowed, park extra cars at either end of the pond or next to bingo hall.

Speed Limit: 5MPH posted throughout the park, strictly enforced by everyone. Caution children everywhere!!

Check-out time: is 4:00pm please leave your site the same way you found it, take all garbage to dumpsters.

Disorderly Conduct: will not be tolerated by adults or children. Physical assault by adults or minors will result in dismissal. Country Campground LLC reserves the right to dismiss persons from the park displaying disorderly conduct. Parents are responsible for their Childs actions and damage they cause.

Golf Carts: are permitted 1 per site, obey the 5mph speed limit, drivers must be licensed and are responsible for their passengers. Cart must remain on your lot after 11:00pm. Each person must have a seat.

Proof of liability insurance is required for our files.

Electric Billing: the 1st of each month meters are read and calculated based on cents per kwh regulated by first energy our supplier. Your bill is available at the store and must be paid in a timely manor. Late fees are issued after the 21st of each month. Your trailer will be unplugged when balance is in excess.

All Rules will be enforced. Park Owners decision will be final in the interpretation of park rules. Please review rules with children and guest, so all can enjoy a safe and fun stay at Country Campground LLC.